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/SAC @ MALMAISON functions / acts as a context-space of co-productions, research and collaborative and transdisciplinary practices in the visual, performing and scenic arts. /SAC @ MALMAISON is the second /SAC space in Bucharest, the first being opened in 2018, on Berthelot 5 street.

/SAC @ MALMAISON is located in a context-community - the Malmaison Studios (an artistic community that includes studios, project spaces and galleries) - recently founded in the Malmaison building. Located on Calea Plevnei, 137C, it has a history of almost two centuries.

/SAC is a private non-profit initiative positioned as an alternative organism to the organisational trade system and to the public institutional system, with the aim of participating in the (re)contextualisation and the historical update of contemporary independent productions through a set of resources and effective strategies for establishing an unaltered dialogue between the producer and the audience.

/SAC @ Berthelot and /SAC @ Malmaison spaces are available for renting to various occasions, such as small or medium corporate events, private meetings, photo or film shootings. Contact us at or to +40 722 285 013 for more information.

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